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Who Is Domain Lookup Function

Who Is Domain Lookup Function in PHP

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Common htaccess Snippets

A collection of useful .htaccess snippets, all in one place. Note: It is assumed that you have mod_rewrite installed and enabled.

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jQuery Current Week Number

Get the current week number using jQuery.

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jQuery Password Strength Test

Simple Password Strength test. Checks the password strength as the user types it.

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Remove Scrollbar Jumping

When centering a page with CSS like margin:auto;, there's a small gotcha: the page will "jump" a little on certain browsers when navigating …

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Responsive CSS Shadows

Simple easy to use Shadows in CSS.

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All Stylesheet Media Types

Useful list of all Stylesheet Media Types.

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Open External Links In New Window

You can do this with HTML, but that is invalid markup, this snippet takes care of business without invalid code and unnecessary markup …

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List Files in a Directory

List all files in a directory and return an array.

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